Hublot And Tattoo Studio Sang Bleu Collab On A Colorful Timepiece Trio

Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu II in royal blue, All White and gray

Hublot and London-based tattoo studio Sang Bleu have joined forces to debut a colorful trio of limited-edition ceramic Big Bang watches.

Following last year’s release of the Sang Bleu II All Black, Hublot and Sang Bleu have curated the Big Bang Sang Bleu II—a ceramic trio of colorful timepieces that display a complex design and multidimensional appearance. “To be able to work long term with a manufacturer is a privilege and an honor,” says founder of Sang Bleu and Hublot ambassador Maxime Plescia-Büchi. “Hublot and Sang Bleu have been pushing artistic and watchmaking boundaries since 2016 and this freedom has enabled us to continually explore new innovations.”

Coated with a polished, satin-finished ceramic, the timepiece trio boasts a 45 mm case that is home to the UNICO Manufacture self-winding chronograph. A skilled combination of Hublot’s technical expertise and Sang Bleu’s creative vision, the case, bezel, case middle, strap and dial are all curated in their own unique geometric shape that effortlessly flows together to highlight the detailed architecture of the piece. Inside, the watch is comprised of 330 components, equipped with a flyback function and a three-day power reserve. For the finishing touch, all three timepieces are made complete with a corresponding rubber strap that utilizes the One Click system, which allows it to be changed tool-free at any time.

“With the Sang Bleu II All Black launched last year, we opened the door to working in ceramic with the models that we have been developing with Sang Bleu for five years now,” says Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe. “These three new versions go further still. They are the logical continuation of the All Black original version and open up new perspectives on this piece, which still remains unique, and whose three-dimensional architecture is seen here in a new light.” A doppelgänger of the All Black version, the All White timepiece showcases the intricate architecture of the bezel, case and strap, exposing its subtle angles and curves that make the watch so powerful. In contrast, the ceramic gray version embodies urban buildings found in 21st century megalopolises, and the royal blue pays homage to the name of the piece. In both the gray and royal blue versions, the dominant color of the piece plays off the white and luminescent indices and hands to provide a complex, hypnotic movement that aligns in perfect symmetry for a few moments midday. Developed in-house by Hublot’s expert engineers and watchmakers, each colorway is available as a limited edition of 200 pieces.